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The Artist, Mary Brazas welcomes you to "A Minds Eye."

A Mind's Eye Services Include:
  • Composites
  • Facial Reconstruction Sculpture
  • Two Dimensional Identification Technique
  • Age Progression

A Mind's Eye - what your mind sees and your memory retains is amazingly clear and defined. One may think that the "pictures" that are stored in your memory are not easily accessible. Drawing, based on someone's memory and recollection, is what A Mind's Eye is about. By placing a witness or victim in a comfortable setting, I am able to assist the person in accessing those memories by putting them on paper. To achieve the most accurate results possible, feedback from the witness or victim is essential to the artist. Modifications are made, the eyes changed ever so slightly, the nose detailed to reflect an irregularity, features brought out in ways a computer-generated drawing cannot accomplish. To see such an astonishing likeness gives law enforcement the tangible and vital tools to aid in their pursuit and identification process. For a victim or witness, it can be the initial link in dealing with a tragedy, the first step to healing. Having studied under the prestigious and renowned forensic and composite artist Carrie Stuart Parks, I am able to bring forth the unique facial characteristics to an astonishing likeness based on the witness's input. As modifications are made, the end result can be shockingly accurate.

Further studies with the FBI's Forensic Artist, Kathy Johnson have enabled me to produce age progressed images and photo enhancements. Based on a photograph, age progression is accomplished by aging regions of the face to an approximate of the person.

A Mind's Eye by Mary Brazas

Additional studies were completed for Facial Reconstruction sculpture and two-dimensional Identification Techniques under the direction of Betty Pat Gatliff and Karen Taylor respectively, both acclaimed artists and teachers who set the national standards for Facial Reconstruction.


My overall training includes 504 formal training hours in Forensic Art, as well as continuous lifelong artistic studies and achievements. Having served 20 years in Law Enforcement also gives me the advantage of knowing investigative procedures and communications networking for interstate law enforcement offices. I also studied Forensic Facial Imaging at the FBI Academy where several of my instructors helped to establish what Forensic Art is today. I earned certificates of fulfillment and attendance for my achievements at the Academy.

I have assisted many L E Agencies in New Mexico and neighboring States including the Office of the Medical Investigators located in Albuquerque, NM. I also have done numerous works for the F.B.I and the United States Postal Service.

The Artistic side of me has been with me since I was a child. I enjoy Artwork very much and have fun with it. Recently I have studied with a few Professional Artists. The last being Roberta Remy of Santa FE, NM. I completed about 27 weeks of Oil Painting Portrait studies under her guidance. With knowledge of the face through Forensic Training, I enjoy doing Portraits and capturing the Face very much.

I do Portraits in a Sepia type Charcoal Pencil on Gray paper from Photographs or I can do one in a sitting. I also enjoy working in Oils. I have completed Oil Paintings from Photographs I have taken.

I have recently started to do Photography. I like to go out and take Photos of People, Nature, whether it is of the Mountains or Wildlife. I find it very relaxing and enjoyable. Also I can use the Photos I take to create Artwork, which is great.


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All artwork by Mary Brazas.